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J.E.H. MacDonald, R.C.A., O.S.A. (1873-1932)
York Mills, 1919
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Galerie Alan Klinkhoff - J.E.H. MacDonald, R.C.A., O.S.A. (1873-1932)
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Galerie Alan Klinkhoff - J.E.H. MacDonald, R.C.A., O.S.A. (1873-1932) Galerie Alan Klinkhoff - J.E.H. MacDonald, R.C.A., O.S.A. (1873-1932) Galerie Alan Klinkhoff - J.E.H. MacDonald, R.C.A., O.S.A. (1873-1932)
Detailed Framed Verso
J.E.H. MACDONALD, R.C.A., O.S.A. (1873-1932)
York Mills, 1919
Oil on panel 8 1/2" x 10 1/2"
Signed and dated l.l. `J.M./19`
Galerie Walter Klinkhoff, Montreal;
Estate of the late William. I.M. Turner Jr, Montreal.
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This outstanding painting was executed the year before the Group of Seven hosted its first exhibition, a few years after he painted The Tangled Garden, and during the period when MacDonald, short of money, rented out the Thornhill property to Frank Johnson, and moved to a more modest place in York Mills. In painterly qualities, our composition compares favourably to some of the Tom Thomsons of the same generation.

As an amusing aside, the story is that Johnston "fixed up" the house and property, including taking apart the garden, with the assumption that he would purchase the property from MacDonald. To his surprise and dismay, the MacDonalds took the house and property back!
 J.E.H. MacDonald - Biography 
James Edward Hervey MacDonald was a founding member of the Group of Seven. He was a member of the Ontario Society of Artists, the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts, and was active in the Arts and Letters Club, Toronto.

MacDonald was born in Durham, England in 1873 and immigrated to Canada with his family when he was 14 years old. He studied commercial art at the Hamilton Art School and the Central Ontario School of Art and Design (now OCAD) in Toronto. MacDonald worked as a designer at Grip Limited from about 1895 to 1912 along with Tom Thomson, Arthur Lismer and Frederick Varley, with a brief interlude from 1903-1907 when he worked at a studio in London. He resigned from Grip in 1912 to paint full-time, but worked as a freelance designer until 1921. From 1921 he taught at the Ontario College of Art, and became Principal in 1929.

In the fall of 1918, and again each fall for several years after that, MacDonald travelled by train to Algoma, where he painted sketches for some of his most important works. In 1924, he began travelling to the Rockies during the summer.

In 1931, MacDonald had a stroke, and he and his wife spent the summer of 1932 in Barbados so that he could recover. He died in Toronto on November 26, 1932.
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